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Take control of your business with EDC Accounting
One voice. One team. A team of financial professionals committed to providing first-in-class service and support for our business clients coast-to-coast.
High-yield tax planning and seamless tax preparation
Enterprise management, maintenance and design
Full service accounting, real-time stats, financial statements
Outsourced controllership on your time frame (daily, weekly or monthly)
Economic forecasting, cash flows and KPI Monitoring
All financial functions from bookkeeping to executive financial services with EDC Accounting
Economic strategy, risk assessment and management
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Interactive, eyes wide-open financial management
Think of us as the accounting, tax and executive financial team you always dreamed of having. We allow you to focus on your core strengths while we focus on the numbers and the game plan.
Spend too much time managing your finances?
Need better optics on your finances and taxes?
Feel like your business isn’t structured correctly?
Think you are overpaying taxes unnecessarily?
Need accurate financial and cash flow projections to make good decisions?
Need solid financials with specific measures or KPI's?
Need help with strategic growth and tax planning?
Need an expert sounding board for reviewing ideas?
Want to build an exit strategy to sell your business?
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EDC Accounting is focused on business owners and entrepreneurs with a gross of 2MM and a net pre-tax greater than 500k
We design strategic business structures to protect wealth, efficiently grow your business, maximize cash flow and minimize tax liabilities according to code

Primary Core

Asset Protection
Client structural blueprint mapping
On-going plan implementation and integration of entity structure(s) to include entity formations, dissolutions, domestications and modifications at preferred client rates
Implementation and coordination with our preferred legal partners as needed
Advanced entity structure research and customized models through our preferred partners
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Entity Management
Annual document updates and minutes of all entities
Stock Assignment or Assumption, Promissory Notes, Lease Agreements, Management Agreement, Ownership, Management Agreement, JV/Marketing Agreement, Amended Operating Agreements to show/document proper ownership
Registered Agent Management
Manage annual state maintenance and filing requirements
Support with title and deed modifications
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Risk Management
Protecting for unplanned emergencies, losses and catastrophes
Specialized risk review for enterprise and its owners
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Planning & Engineering
EDC Accounting is comprised of partnered attorneys, CPAs, CVAs, CFPs, client advocates, like-minded business owners to provide sound, up-to-date planning advice for each client
Advanced Tax Planning
Real-time tax monitoring and planning 365 days per year
Material, detailed year-end tax projections
Comprehensive tax preparation review
Strategic Financial Planning
Enterprise engineering solutions
Implementation of enterprise structural solutions for high income producers for tax reduction and deferment as designed and preferred by the client
CPA Integration, document organization, communication of structure to and between CPA, tax return review
Estate & Wealth Planning
Retirement Planning Review and Implementation - Diversify, grow your resources, accelerate savings and maximize tax deductions
Estate Implementation - Coordination with our preferred legal partner of trusts and wills
Wealth Management Review - Making it grow faster, tax free
Dedicated EDC Accounting Advisor
Coaching, support, individualized plans and directives for each client with your priorities first and foremost.
To properly implement and achieve success in these core arenas, we dedicate specific resources and advisors to your project to insure success. To manage the appropriate outcome, a principal advisor will be made available in the following fashion:
Initial planning, blueprinting and design with on-going support for the cores: Management, Planning and Engineering
Email, text & phone support and emergency planning as needed
Private support call each month as needed with an advisor
Quarterly review with advisory team and other resources as needed
Client networking with like minded business owners
Regional private and group meetings as available and necessary
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Complete Core

Evolve to complete financial control using our team as a functioning back office for your enterprise:

The Primary Core functions added with the Enterprise Tax & Accounting functions produce The Ultimate Back Office.
Experience. Knowledge. Creativity. Research. Accountability.
All Financial and Strategic functions from Bookkeeping to Executive CFO Services with EDC Accounting. Full Service Accounting, Real-time Stats, Financial Statements. Outsourced Controllership on your time frame (daily, weekly or monthly)

EDC Accounting is responsible for presenting and reporting accurate and timely historical financial information for your enterprise.

EDC Accounting identifies and reports what areas of a company are most efficient and how the company can capitalize on this information. This includes economic forecasting and modeling with ownership as needed.
FREE 1 on 1 Consultation
Dedicated CPA and Accountancy Team
Live Bookkeeping
Reconciliation of All Your Accounts
P&L Snapshot
Cash Flow Management Reporting
Financial Statement Preparation with KPI measurements
Sales & Use Tax Calculations
Economic Strategy
EDC Accounting takes your business to new heights through proper structuring, year-round tax planning year and solid tax preparation.
Enterprise Succession Planning
Strategic Planning & Integration
Advanced Tax Planning
Enterprise Tax Preparation